How To Get More Followers On Instagram: Top 10 Strategies

Are you ready to harness the power of Instagram to grow your business and boost brand awareness? 

Some Highly Effective Instagram Strategies That You Can Implement In your Business:

Post At The Right Time  

You ONLY want to share your stuff when people of your niche are around to see them. But what are the BEST TIMES to post on Instagram? While social experts say evenings between 7-9pm are the best time to post on Instagram, you’ll be able to check which time works great for you. 

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Use The Right Hashtags 

When you use the same hashtag as people in your target audience, you are also likely to show up on their Explore tab on Instagram so that your content can be discovered there. When I say use the RIGHT hashtag, you want to use hashtags that are actually relevant to your posts, otherwise you could attract the wrong audience, or even worse, be penalized by Instagram for spamming.  

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